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Baby Shower Decoration Silver 42 Pcs For Welcoming Baby

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Celebrate your special day with a baby shower decoration. Celebrate baby's birth by throwing a marvelous baby shower party at your home with this adorable silver color themed baby shower decoration kit. Stick the decorations on the wall using tape and have a cute party with your loved ones. Material:

  • 2 Foil silver curtain
  • 1 Moon Shape foil balloon
  • 3 Star shape foil Balloon
  • 1 Set of BABY letters foil balloons
  • 1 Babyface foil balloon
  • 1 Led light
  • 30 White balloons
Instructions: Put foil curtains on the wall which you want to take as the backdrop. Tape the top of the curtains to the wall. Addled light in any pattern you want by sticking it on the wall between the curtains. Blow all the foil balloons using the straw. You can easily blow them with a mouth or a pump. Tape all the foil balloons on the wall. Blow some white latex balloons and add 3 on each side of the backdrop. And let the other white balloons loose on the floor. Voila! Your house is ready for an epic baby shower party. Suitable for Baby shower, Baby shower Party, Baby shower celebrations, Baby shower DIY Kit, Welcoming Baby, First Birthday, or any such celebrations.