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Groom to be Silver & Golden Color Letter Foil Letter Balloon

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16" Groom to Be Letters Balloons Comes to hang. It is easy to inflate and deflate with any straw. These foil balloons last for a long and look really amazing. It can be inflated with air using a straw. We inspect our product twice before packaging hence you should not get missing letters or holes in the letter. If by mistake as there can be human error possibilities, kindly exchange the balloons. This alphabet letter groom to be foil balloon looks really elegant and will surely be loved by the Groom. You can try adding foil curtains, balloon glue dot, curling ribbon, candle, cake decoration from our website.

    • Golden / Silver Groom to be Letter Foil Balloons 16" in size. Put up as decoration/ photo background. These 9 letters Groom to be balloon looks classy and exclusive.
    • NO HOLES AND MISSING LETTERS: We get double-checking done. if by chance you receive any piece with a hole or missing letter kindly get it replaced soon. We are sorry for the human error.
    • IT CAN INFLATE AND DEFLATE BOTH:- It can be reuse also if deflated properly. Use any straw and insert in the whole given on each letter of ballon. Rosegold balloons look really elegant.
    • HIGH QUALITY | STURDY | REUSABLE - High-quality foil balloons that support normal air filling or helium filling. Made from grade ‘A’ quality, this classy wall decoration is the perfect backdrop for photography and is durable and re-usable as well.
    • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Have no worries about purchasing this We are very confident with its quality, durability & stylish effect. If you’re not satisfied with it, you may contact us to settle for a full refund or assist you with product replacement.