Top 16 Amazing Cake Toppers to Decorate your Cake for your 2022 Celebrations

Top 16 Amazing Cake Toppers to Decorate your Cake for your 2022 Celebrations

Are you looking to decorate your cake this occasion? Find plenty of amazing Cake topper ideas that will make your cakes look extra appealing. Whether you’re celebrating a baby shower, bridal shower, kid’s birthday, engagement party or any other occasion, these cake toppers will make it special for everyone around. 

Cake toppers look gorgeous and decorate the cake in the most beautiful way. It announces the occasion and makes it memorable for everyone. 

Baby Shower or Welcome Home 

FrillX offers you amazing baby shower options that will decorate the cake and make it look perfect for the baby shower celebration-

If you’re having a welcome party for your baby or throwing a baby shower for the mother-to-be, you can find this adorable baby feet cake topper to announce the occasion in the best way.

You can put both colors on the cake for the baby shower celebration. 

Get this pretty He or She Cake Topper for your baby shower cake. It delivers the perfect celebration vibe to your event. It highlights the occasion and also decorates the cake. This cake topper is also a perfect baby boy cake topper and baby girl cake topper. So, you can easily make the celebration special! 


Have a grand baby shower celebration by having Blue and Pink Pram Cake toppers. Make it special for your guests and the father & mother-to-be. 

The Blue colour indicates the boy so you can also choose it for your welcome baby boy cake. 

The Pink Colour indicates the girl so if you’re having a welcome baby girl party, go for it! 

Birthday Cake Toppers

Birthdays are the famous occasion when people want cake toppers the most. The cake topper highlights the occasion and excites the birthday boy and girl. So, having one for your birthday would definitely make it special for you. 

Here are some of the best cake toppers to have on your birthday-

A classy Silver Round Happy Birthday Cake Topper is the one you need. Whether you have ordered 1 tier cake or 2 tier, this cake topper will enhance your overall celebration. 

You can have this cake topper for your 16th birthday, 18th birthday or any other milestone. It’ll all be super exciting!

Happy Birthday Crown Shaped Cake Topper

Frillx brings you a crown shaped lighting cake topper that you can have on the top of your birthday cake. It’ll decorate your cake beautifully and will also make it extra special. 

This Happy birthday Golden Cake topper looks elegant and pretty. So, have it for your delectable birthday cake and make it memorable. You can take wonderful photos of the cake for insta and make it look gorgeous! This is also a unique cake topper to put on your cake. 

Kids Birthday 

Kids get excited for little things. So, having a fascinating cake topper of their favorite theme characters would surely make them happier. You can find amazing options for your kid’s birthday cake-

Light up the cake for your baby boy’s birthday with Boss Baby Theme Cake Topper. It’s the character of the Boss Baby that will be put on the cake topper. 

Get for your kid’s birthday here - Boss baby theme Cake Topper

Baby shark is a famous cartoon among kids. If your kid loves it then you can have this adorable baby shark theme cake topper. Decorate your kid’s birthday cake with it and make him feel excited. 

Does your baby girl like mermaids? Well, then a mermaid theme cake topper is what you need. Make your child’s birthday memorable by putting this mermaid theme cake topper. 


If the occasion is of Retirement then we offer you these gorgeous cake toppers to make your dad, father-in-law, mother, mother-in-law feel extra special- 

If you’re looking for a unique celebration cake topper then this Purple Balloon Cake topper is what you should have. They are small balloons that look gorgeous when put on the cake. 

Make your close ones feel extra special by giving them a delectable cake with this adorable cake topper. 

Let the retirement celebration be wonderful and unforgettable with a Multi pastel balloon cake topper. Add on to the delicious cake and make it look pretty. 


Whether it’s your engagement party or your special one’s birthday, these romantic cake toppers will help you convey your love-

Yellow balloon cake topper is here to make your day celebrations extra special. These adorable balloons on the cake look extremely gorgeous. It’s a perfect engagement cake topper to have! 

Make your partner feel loved with this pink balloon cake topper. The balloon bunches look gorgeous and will add more to your celebration. Let the cake topper convey your love beautifully. 


Anniversary cake definitely deserves a wonderful Cake topper. You should decide on what to choose for the cake topper; whether it should be romantic, stylish, or simple. 

Here are some of the best cake topper ideas for Anniversary-

A Red Balloon Cake Topper would look perfect to surprise your special one. Make him or her feel loved by adding this super cute red balloon cake topper. It’s a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary. 

If you’re ready for a little royal feel then get this pretty cake topper. The combination of blue and golden looks perfect for your celebration. Add it on to your cake and get ready for a perfect celebration! 

A Unique Silver Chrome Balloon Cake Topper is a gorgeous one that you can put on your anniversary cake and celebrate the occasion beautifully. Let your special one feel loved. Whether you’re celebrating 1st or 25th, let your celebrations be beautiful! 

Decorate your cake in the most beautiful way by choosing among these best Cake toppers for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, engagement parties and more. Let your celebrations be amazing! You can check out for more cake toppers at and make your occasions brighter. 

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