How to have a Jungle Theme Birthday Decoration for your Kid at Home? #DIYHacks

How to have a Jungle Theme Birthday Decoration for your Kid at Home? #DIYHacks

Are you ready to have an amazing Jungle theme Party for your kid? Well, we are here to help you out with it! Let out your inner animal to have fun with your baby boy or baby girl and enjoy to the fullest! 

If you’re looking for some easy DIY Hacks to have a wonderful Jungle theme Birthday Decoration at home then you can look out for some awesome DIY Kits or DIY Decoration Ideas to make the celebration much more special. 

Jungle Theme Birthday Decoration Ideas 

Jungle theme Birthday Decoration is a lot in trend nowadays. You can check out for these easy to do decoration ideas-

  • Choose a Jungle Theme DIY Kit or Party Supply Items

If you want to have a perfect Jungle Theme Decoration for a Kid's birthday party then you can go for themed Party supply items to make the party a little more awesome. You can choose among many Jungle Theme DIY Kits to light up the party the way you want. You can check out below the different DIY Kits to choose from. 

Go for some Party supply items such as jungle themed coloured balloons, balloon bunches, cut-outs or more so that you can plan your party decoration accordingly. Choose the party supply items according to the decor you want to have. 

  • Make a Balloon Arch Out of the Party Supplies

balloon arch


You can make a balloon arch out of the Jungle theme balloons chosen. It’s one of the most popular decoration ideas that you can go for.

You can make the balloon arch with the help of a balloon arch strip. You can use it and make the balloon arch of the length that you want. 

  • Create a Balloon Wall

Create a balloon wall with green or yellow balloons to give a perfect Jungle theme look. Other than balloon arch, this could be a decoration that you can have. This will make the decor exciting. The children would love this kind of decoration for sure. So, you can make it easily at your home by sticking the balloons on the wall. You can also book a wonderful DIY Jungle Theme Decoration Kit to do the decorations by yourself. 

  • Put Up Jungle Theme Character Foil Balloons

You can also put up Jungle Theme Character Balloons to your decor on the balloon arch or on the wall to make it attractive. This will give your room a Jungle look. It will also spread the Jungle vibes all around your home. 

  • Add Number Foil Balloons 

Jungle theme number balloons will also add to your decoration. You can add Jungle themed number foil balloons as well to the decor. Whether it’s your kid’s 1st birthday or any other, you can choose the number of foil balloons that you need and add to your overall decoration. 

  • Use Jungle Theme Animal Cut-outs

You can also use Jungle Theme animal cut-outs to decorate your home. It looks stunning. Most children are likely to love it. So, you can have Jungle theme animal cut-outs. Make your decor look extra special by adding these amazing animal cut-outs. It’ll create all the more Jungle vibes.  

  • Get Jungle Theme Flex Banner for the Background 

For the background, you can also add a Jungle Theme Flex Banner. This will not only make the decor look like Jungle theme but will also make your kid’s snaps wonderful. There are many fascinating Jungle theme Flex Banners that will make your decoration look incredible. 

  • Decorate with Artificial Green Leaf or Money Plant

If you want to create a more realistic aura of a Jungle then you can also add artificial green leaves or Money plants.

You can hang it on the wall and make it look natural. Let the decor look like Forest for your kid’s birthday party! 

Jungle Theme DIY Decoration Kit Ideas

Here are some of the best Jungle Theme DIY Decoration Kit Ideas that you can go for- 

1. Forest Theme Birthday Party Decorations 77 Pcs - Jungle Theme

Get this gorgeous balloon decoration kit for your Jungle Theme Decoration at Home. You can easily do it by yourself and celebrate your kids' birthday in the most fascinating way. This kit includes 77 pcs of items to decorate your home or room. 

2. Jungle Theme Kids Birthday 540 Pcs - Decorating Items Birthday Party for Boy or Girl

If you want a whole look of Jungle for your kids party then this decoration kit is what you need. You’ll be able to form a wall full of green balloons, balloon pillars and arches, trees made of balloons, and more. The instruction guide will help you to do everything in the best way. 

3. Jungle Theme Kids Birthday Decoration Items Pack of 47 Pcs - forest theme birthday party

This decoration is simple and cute that you can have for your home. You can make a full arch with balloons of green and yellow colors. This kit has 47 pcs which can help you to have a pretty simple forest theme decoration.

4. Jungle Theme Kids Birthday - 42 Pcs - Decorating Items Birthday Party for Boy or Girl

Whether it’s your baby boy’s birthday or baby girl’s, this Jungle theme birthday party decor is perfect for both. You can have it for your 1st birthday, or any other milestone. With 42 pcs, you can make the decor as you like it. 

5. Jungle Theme Kids Birthday 93 Pcs- forest theme birthday party


Create the Jungle Vibes with this Jungle theme Kids Birthday Decor. Have a wall decor with these party supply items. You can have the decor as in pictures by following the instructions given with the kit. 

6. Jungle Theme Kids Birthday 53 Pcs - Decorating Items Birthday Party for Boy or Girl

Have a birthday party for your kid with this Vibrant Jungle Theme Decor. You can make balloon arches with the color balloons in the kit and give your selected space a perfect Jungle theme look.

7. Jungle Theme Kids Birthday 55 Pcs - Decorating Items Birthday Party for Boy or Girl

This Jungle theme kids birthday decor kit has 55 pcs of decor items that you can have for your birthday party. You can spread the Jungle theme vibes all around the area with this DIY Decoration. 

You can check out more Jungle Theme DIY Decoration Kit or Supply Items

Decorate your home beautifully by taking in the above mentioned DIY Hacks and Ideas for your Kids birthday Party. They are easy to follow and are great ideas to make your party awesome. 

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