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Give Your Room a Perfect Valentine's Makeover| DIY Decoration Hacks

Valentine’s Week is here, are you ready to give your special one a surprise? Well, this Valentine’s, you can plan to decorate your room with wonderful decorations!

Valentine’s calls for a romantic decoration and some red balloons to go with it! Decorating your room may seem like it’s a lot to do but when you’re doing it for the one you love, everything starts to seem easy.

If you have doubts, how will you decorate it all by yourself? Then , there’s no need to worry! You can find many easy DIY Decoration Hacks that will help you with a perfect decoration!

You can give your room a perfect Valentine’s Makeover with these gorgeous balloon decoration ideas and DIY Decoration Hacks-

  • Add a Spiral Balloon Column

Make a spiral balloon column with balloons of different colors and put them near your bed or in the corners of your room. It’s a great way to light up those empty corners. 

You can check out this video to know more:

Balloons bring joy to places so putting them in columns will not only be attractive but will also spread joy to your room. It will be more pleasing if you use red coloured balloons. They will create a romantic aura at your place! 

  White Latex Balloons
Red latex balloons 
Manual Double Action Air Inflator Balloon Hand Pump

  • Put Balloon Flowers

A simple way to do the decoration is to make balloon bunches or balloon flowers. You can take any DIY Balloon decoration kit and use the balloons to make bunches. 

You can check out this Video to know how to make balloon flowers:


You can watch the above video and know how to make balloon flowers in easy steps. You can take red balloons or a combination of different color balloons to make gorgeous flowers. After doing it yourself, you can put them on the walls of your room to make it look brighter. This would be one more step to make your partner feel special with a big surprise!

  Red latex balloons 
White Latex Balloons
  • Create a Balloon Arch for a Pleasing Look


Balloon arch or garland is the most used DIY decoration that people make. You may have seen that most of the grand events hold these decorations. So, doing it yourself is a creative step that you should take to surprise your partner. 

You can use arch tape and make the balloon arch very easily at your home. You can decorate the main wall in your room with the balloon arch you made and let the love flow. A big surprise would be prepared by you for your special one on Valentine’s!

Red latex balloons 
Golden Chrome Balloons Chrome Color Balloons for Party Decorations - Party Supply - Pack of 10
  • Place Balloon Bouquet Centerpieces 

Make a Balloon bouquet centerpiece to place on your empty table or the empty corners. The best part is that they are easiest to make. You can take a balloon stand and put the balloons on it. To know more, you can watch this video:

You can take different colors or same-colored balloons to match the theme you are following for your room decoration. Then, you can plan them wherever you want and you’re ready to give that wonderful surprise to your lover on Valentine’s! 

 balloon stand Balloon Stand - 7 Balloons Sticks
bobo balloon Transparent Bubble Bobo Balloons for LED Light Up Balloons
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  • Make a Heart Balloon Wall


Express love in the most impressive way by creating this Big Heart with balloons on the wall. This fulfilling decoration looks beautiful and fulfilling. You can blow up the balloons and form a heart like this:

The wall of your room will look pretty and will surely make your partner feel special. So, this Valentine’s go for something like this to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. 

You can go for these DIY Kits and Supply Items: 

 heart-shaped foil balloons

You Need 38 Balloons

Multicolor Heart Shape Foil Balloons 16" Inches for Party Decorations 5pc - Red

Red Balloons

You Need 60 Balloons 

Red latex balloons 

Golden Chrome Balloons

You Need 24 Balloons

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Love Foil Balloon - Golden

Use Transparent Cube Boxes

Transparent cube boxes look amazing. Adding these to your decorations will surely look unique. So, you can include a LOVE transparent box to your decor and let your special one feel extra special!

You don’t need to put much effort, you can just easily book them online and get it at your home!

 balloon boxes Love Surprise Transparent Cube Balloon Boxes Decoration-Latex, Chrome Balloon and LED
balloon boxes Love Surprise Transparent Cube Balloon Boxes Decoration -Pack of 24 Pcs- Red Latex Balloon

  • Balloon Heart Backdrop 

If you don’t want a heart filled balloon backdrop, you can go for this one. You can make a simple heart with balloons and decorate it with flowers. You can choose different balloons and paste them together as you do for a garland. 

You can check out the easy DIY way to do it:


This backdrop will not only make your photos gorgeous but will also surprise your better half. You can do it for your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife and make them feel special on the beautiful Valentine’s Day. 

Room decorations appeal to the eyes. Surprising someone with balloons is one of the best ways to have a celebration. You can beautifully decorate your room by following the above ideas this Valentine’s. These DIY Decoration Hacks are not only simple to do but will also make you a bit more creative. They will let you have more ideas when you start doing it yourself! 

So, what are you waiting for! Give your Room a perfect romantic Valentine’s Makeover and start your celebration! 

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