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A 5-Step Republic Day Decoration Guide to Follow for a DIY Decoration at Office

Decorations tend to make everything look a little brighter and much more than average! So, this time, get ready for some fantastic Republic Day Decorations for your office! The best part about it is that you will be the one doing all the creative things for the perfect decoration you want! Yes, that’s the idea of this Decoration Guide for DIY Decoration at the Office! 

Office decorations not only make your workspace look gorgeous but also let you have fun decorating it! Sitting together with your colleagues to do the fun activity of Republic Day Decoration can be exciting!

So, how to do it in an easy way? Well, here are the 5 easy steps and ways to decorate your Office for Republic Day with simple decoration items-

Step 1: Know the Area of Your Workplace

Republic Day Decoration Ideas

Knowing the area of your workspace is important. This way you get to know how many items you need and how to go about the decorating process. Likewise, you’ll divide the employees in the office to do the super fun decoration! 

You can also bring out your creativity by going through the different areas in your office. You can set different Republic Day decoration ideas for different areas, such as balloon decoration for the main area, rosettes, or paper lanterns for the hall and more. 

Step 2: Look For the Republic Day Decoration Ideas

 Republic Day Decoration Ideas for Office

Well, Republic Day is one such day for which you’ll have to think a little more for decoration! You can go out of your way to do some creative stuff and add on your ideas. You can also experiment with different Republic Day Kits for a unique decoration. 

Some of the Republic Day Decoration Ideas-

  • Go with the Balloons



Balloons are one catch that you just can not miss! Balloon decoration for Republic Day can be attractive and will make your office space look awesome! You can choose to place tricolour balloons together in bunches or flowers and place them in the corners or on the walls. You can also choose to make a wall flag using tricolour balloons. You can make a balloon flower by following an easy DIY process.

  • Light it Up with Paper Lanterns

Lantern decoration for Republic Day at Office


Paper Lanterns are beautiful and unique decorations. They light up your place beautifully. So, you can use the paper lanterns decorations for your hall or open space. You can hang them on strings and make your ceiling full of colourful lanterns. 

  • Decorate it with the Rosettes 


Rosettes make any place look attractive. You can decorate your office walls, cabin walls or doors with beautiful colourful rosettes. You can create the pattern of the Indian Flag using three colours of Rosettes. 

Step 3: Note Down the Number Of Items Needed

Items needed for Republic Day Decoration

So, after knowing your work area and decoration ideas, you need to list the decoration items you need. You should check what all you need to buy and the quantity of it! This will help you to decorate your overall Office area without any worry. Make sure to have enough decoration items to fulfil the Decoration Idea you have in your mind! 

Step 4: Set It All Up

Set It all up

Once you are ready with the items, get ready to decorate and set it all up perfectly! Gather with your colleagues and set the time in which you all will complete the activity. Don’t forget to make it fun! Inflate the balloons, open up the kits, light up the lanterns and place them at their perfect place! 

Step 5: Enjoy and Take Snaps

Enjoy with your colleagues

When you are done with your activity, it’s time to enjoy yourself with your colleagues and take some great snaps. Celebrate the national day by honouring the freedom fighters and appreciating the Republic Day Themed Decoration done by you and your colleagues. 

Appreciating teamwork is very important when you are decorating your office by yourself. 

These 5-steps are very simple to follow. These will not only enhance your decorating skills but will also take less time to do. Planning is very important before going for any DIY Decoration activity. Also, make sure to use simple decoration kits and items to make your Republic Day Decoration great. Simple things tend to make the decorations much more attractive. Using these steps and methods, you can have DIY Decoration at your office without any worry! 

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