15 Simple House Party DIY Decoration Ideas for your Celebrations at Home

15 Simple House Party DIY Decoration Ideas for your Celebrations at Home

Ready for some fascinating decorations for your houseparty? Well, then plan it just the way you like it! Go for some of the eye-appealing decorations for your birthday party, anniversary party, bachelorette party, baby shower party, welcome baby party or any other! Make your house the best party place with some of the best DIY Decoration Ideas at Home. 

So, what are you celebrating? Is it a birthday, a bachelorette or an anniversary? You’ll get decoration ideas for all here to make your party awesome! 

Check out these amazing ideas for your house party decoration-

Birthday DIY Decoration Ideas

If you are planning for a birthday house party then these ideas would be perfect for it. Here are some of the best ideas-

Happy Birthday decor

Get this rose gold and pastel theme balloon decoration for your birthday house party. The colors are soothing and trendy. You can have it for your 18th birthday, 20th birthday party or any other milestone birthday.  

You can place the balloons and tassels on the ceilings. The happy birthday foil balloons could be placed on the wall. You can also use lights to light up the decorations beautifully with them. 

Happy birthday DIY Decor kit

This combo is beautifully curated for your birthday house party. You can decorate your home with this kit and make the party lit! 

This decor is full of fascinating party supply items that’ll make your birthday party memorable. Your house will look attractive with all the decorations done. You can follow the instructions given with the kit and do the decoration by yourself! 

If you have someone who loves the color blue then nothing could be perfect than doing this decor! The combination makes the decor much more eye-catching and attractive. You can make your party unforgettable by having this gorgeous decoration! 

This decor is curated with fascinating party supply items to make your party incredible! 

If you want to explore more ideas, then you can check out this Ultimate Party Trends and Ideas You Can Steal

Baby Shower DIY Decoration Ideas 

Plan your baby shower house party with these awesome ideas. Make the mother-to-be feel extra special by having these decorations-


Get ready for a wonderful houseparty by having this gorgeous Baby shower decoration. Make the mother-to-be feel at the top of the world by throwing a party with this decor.



You can use this DIY Kits in many ways such as make a full arch of white balloons or an half arc. You can place the star-shaped foil balloons with the arc and make it look exquisite. 



Planning the perfect baby shower does not have to be a daunting task. Whether you are the soon-to-be mom, a best friend, or grandma, similarly offers a premium shower kit that will make party set-up lightning fast and stress free, while adding some true magic to this momentous occasion. Create an elegant and inviting atmosphere, invite friends and family, and celebrate till your heart's content. 


This decoration is filled with rainbow-like  colorful balloons that suit the occasion perfectly. You can get this decor for your house party and make it a blast! The DIY Kit includes  a Set of Baby Girl Letter Foil Balloons, Pastel Pink Curtain, Its a Girl Printed Balloons, and colorful latex balloons.

Bachelorette DIY Decoration Ideas 

Throw an awesome bachelorette party by adding some of the best decorations. Let the bride-to-be enjoy the fun of the house party with wonderful drinks and fascinating decorations! 

If the lady wants to have fun then definitely you should let her! This decor offers you amazing decorations that will make your bachelorette party memorable. A beautiful Bachelorette Party decoration kit with best quality decoration items as in pictures to make the bride-to-be feel special and at the top of the world. Make a memorable party with your loved ones for a cherishable experience. 

Make sure your best friend gets the most memorable bridal shower party the night before she walks down the aisle! Let us help you make her last night as a bachelorette one she will never forget! Great for both indoor and outdoor celebrations. Our lovely accessories are ideal for decorating venues for a bachelorette party, bridal hen party, engagement or wedding. Perfect for hassle-free DIY party planning or for the use of wedding party coordinators or planners.

For more ideas, you can check out this blog- DIY Bride-to-be Decoration Kit Ideas for a perfect Bachelorette Party at Home

Welcome Baby DIY Decoration Ideas 

Is it a boy or a girl? Welcome your baby in the most beautiful way by going forward with these amazing decoration ideas that you can do by yourself at home for a perfect house party. 

Good News of a Little guest is around the corner! Pamper the Mom and the baby with our CherishX Pink & Blue Magical Baby Shower & Welcome Baby Decoration Kit at the safety of your home. This adorable and cute DIY decoration Kit includes a Golden Baby Shower Banner Bunting, Pink Chrome, Blue & Metallic Silver Balloons, Silver Curtain, foil balloons and more. 

This gorgeous welcome baby decoration will let your house party be awesome. If it’s a boy, then this decor is perfect to have. The pastel blue balloons are not only pretty but also give a soothing vibe for your celebration. It beautifully pictures the occasion of welcoming your baby boy. If it’s a girl then you should definitely check out the other version of this decor- Pastel Pink Welcome baby girl decor

Anniversary DIY Decoration Ideas 

If you are planning for an anniversary house party then these ideas would be perfect for it. Whether it’s your 1st anniversary, 25th anniversary or 50th, you can have these decorations and make your anniversary celebrations unforgettable.  Here are some of the best ideas-

Get a beautiful and premium decoration kit with the best quality decoration items as in pictures to make your partner feel special and on top of the world on their special day. A beautiful backdrop for that amazing group picture or a selfie to rock your Instagram profile.

Throw a memorable party with these balloons for your anniversary surprise for your parents, partner, or friend for a cherishable experience. 

Throw an awesome house party with this amazing Happy Anniversary decoration. Light up your house beautifully with this decor and make your partner feel extra special. Let him or her appreciate the decor and enjoy the atmosphere. 

The decor includes Pastel pink and white balloons, letter and number foil balloons, and more to make your house prettier. You can also get these customized as per your perference. Book this DIY Kit and make your celebrations special! 


If you’re ready to spread the color of love in your home then this decor is what you need. Surprise your special one and throw a wonderful party with this gorgeous red balloons decor. This Romantic Balloon Decoration will make your celebrations unforgettable. 

This Kit includes attractive party supply items to make your DIY decoration pretty. Stick to the wall the heart-shaped balloons, letter foil balloons and spread the left red coloured balloons on the floor for a perfect decoration. 

Kids Birthday DIY Decoration Ideas

Want to throw an awesome party for your Kid’s Birthday? Then, go for this amazing DIY Decoration Ideas for baby boy’s and baby girl’s birthday party-

If you are planning a birthday party for your baby boy then go for this trendy Boss Baby Themed Birthday Decoration. It’s adorable and perfect for a house party. You can also make it grand by adding wonderful Boss Baby Kids Decoration Party Supply Items


The perfect part about this decor is that you can easily do it by yourself. You can place the arc on the wall and make it look pleasant. So, use your skills in the best way and make your baby boy’s birthday special!

Get this gorgeous and adorable decoration for your baby girl. Celebrate your baby girl’s birthday in the best way possible by doing this decoration by yourself at home. Girls love unicorns so going for a pretty unicorn birthday decor will surely make your house party memorable. You can also add fascinating party supply items to make your decor look more stunning! 


Whether it’s your baby boy’s birthday party or baby girl’s, this decor will make you feel extra special! Get this gorgeous kit and do the decoration by yourself. It’s pretty and adorable, a perfect combination for your home and your kids' birthday party. 

These are some of the most simple house party DIY decoration ideas for your celebrations at home. Whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, anniversary or any other special occasion, these ideas given above are awesome and easy-to-do. So, get these asap and make your celebrations unforgettable!

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