10 Easy Mother's Day DIY Decoration Ideas to Create the Perfect Surprise for Your Mom At Home

10 Easy Mother's Day DIY Decoration Ideas to Create the Perfect Surprise for Your Mom At Home

As Mother's Day approaches, have you thought about what to do to surprise your mom? If you are looking for easy decoration ideas that you can use at home, here are 10 of the best decorating ideas! You can use these ideas to decorate your house and create the perfect surprise for your mom on this special day. She will be touched by the extra effort you’ve put into making her feel special on Mother’s Day.

DIY Decoration Ideas

You can go for some of the very simple decoration ideas to decorate your home beautifully for your mom. Even if you are new at this, you can still make your decor look perfect by following these wonderful ideas-

  1. Create Balloon Arch

Mother's day balloon arch

Balloon arches are a cheap and easy decoration idea that every mom-to-be will love. Follow these instructions on how to create a balloon arch so you can give your mother a Mother’s Day present she’ll never forget. 

  1. Make a balloon Color Combination that you want the balloon arch to be in. 
  2. Cut the strip to the desired length of your balloon arch or garland. Measure it on the wall where you want the garland to be placed.
  3. Choose the size of the balloons that you want to use for the balloon arch.
  4. Take your first inflated balloon, pinch its lip together and pull the knot through the first hole. The holes are large enough to let you pull the knot through, but small enough to keep the balloon in place. 
  5. It’s time to place your balloon arch that you have made and place it on the wall. For more, you can also add a banner for Mother's day. 

2. Arrange a Wall Balloon Heart

Heart balloon

Be playful, and a little sentimental! If you’re aiming for a mom-to-be decoration idea at home or just for your mom, latex balloons or heart shaped balloons are perfect! They come in various sizes, and can be arranged in an interesting heart shape or as individual pink and purple balloons. You can also get creative with these colorful latex decorations by arranging them into your own pattern on your wall or ceiling. Remember to paste them on the walls! That will keep them from falling down when you inflate them.

Steps to make a perfect Wall Balloon Heart 

  1. Choose a combination of the color of balloons that you want the decorations to be in. 
  2. Know how many you’ll need by tracking the space of the wall
  3. Make an outline of the heart with the balloons by sticking them with tape and then fill all the balloons inside the heart or add one more outline of a different color balloon. 

3. Make Balloon Duplet or Quad

Rather than flowers, why not buy a few helium-filled balloons? Not only are they less expensive, but they will decorate your house and they can be used as props for fun pictures of you and your mom. Hang some in doorways, near window sills, and elsewhere. Different colors and patterns allow you to create a personalized arrangement that captures and reflects the occasion well.

Here are the steps to make one-

  1. Blow up the balloons you wish to use.
  2. Tie them up in a cluster by the necks of the balloons.
  3. Add a third balloon to the cluster by tying it through the neck.
  4. You can add one more in the same way and make a whole bunch of balloons.

4. Use Fairy lights and Lanterns 

Fairy lights and lanterns are a festive and easy way to decorate your home or outdoor areas. Hanging them outside, combined with natural greenery, is an especially pretty look. Use pretty fairy lights to light up the beautiful room for a surprise. Hang lanterns from trees and balconies using a strong string or wire so they don’t fall down. Light up all of your lanterns at once for a beautiful display!

You can do the decorations with simple steps- 

  1. Choose the colorful lanterns or white ones.
  2. Put fairy lights across the room with tape/nails. 
  3. Unfold the lanterns using the instructions on the kit.
  4. Hang the lanterns on the led lights.
  Paper Lanterns - Colorful Pack of 8 Pcs - Multicolor Lanterns
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5. Go for a Wall Balloon Decor

    It’s easy, quick and effortless! All you need is some coloured balloons, a piece of string and a pin. Let your imagination fly. And it will look simply adorable in pictures. 

    Here’s how you can do it: 

    • Tie a string through a bunch of balloons and hang them from your wall (this could be your dining room or even bedroom). You can tie them by hand or use staples to keep them in place.


    • You can take different balloons and fill the wall with them. All the balloons together will look gorgeous. You can also choose to follow a particular pattern for a pretty look.

    6. Clip Fairy Lights With Photos 

    Fairy lights are a fun and inexpensive way to create an accent in any room. They're especially great if you're looking for easy mother's day decoration ideas at home that won't break your bank. Try hanging them up around your house or on the wall, particularly with sentimental photos of your family. You can also buy these decor lights already adorned with clips and simply add more! It’s one of the best ways to get your decoration personalized. 

    Buy here-

      Premium 16 LED Photo Clip String Light for Hanging Photos

    Other Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas 

    7. Best Mom White and Golden Decoration 

    Mother's Day needs to be celebrated beautifully. Let your mom, grandma or aunt feel special with this gorgeous balloon decor idea. With this Mother’s Day Decor idea, let your celebrations be extraordinary. Make your day much more special with this attractive decor. 

    You can get the kit of this decor and do it by yourself at home to surprise your mom-

      Best Mom White and Golden 80 Pcs Surprise Decoration DIY Kit

    8. Mother's Day Balloon Decoration 

    There are many beautiful ways to decorate your mom’s house or apartment with balloons on mother’s day. You could tie up a bunch of balloons, hang them from a window or door, make a bouquet of heart-shaped balloons or write down some loving words on a balloon and put it in front of your mom’s place. But this decor shows you a heart made of balloons just like mentioned above. You can find a perfect kit to have a decoration just like this. So, it would be much easier for you!

      Mother's Day Balloon Decoration Kit 62 Pcs

    9. Special Balloon Decoration Surprise for MOM

    A Decor that will fill your mother’s heart with love and appreciation for you! Yes, this beautiful Decor idea is perfect for the occasion of Mother’s day! This enlightening decor is filled with colors of happiness, optimism and sunshine to make your mom feel special and happier. This Mother’s birthday Party Decorations is likely to make the occasion more fulfilling and memorable. The best part is that you will get this balloon decoration kit at Frillx thereby making it easier for you to have the decoration! 

      Best Mom 41 Pcs Surprise Balloon Decoration DIY Kit

    10. Balloon Surprise

    A room full of balloons, who doesn’t want that? Surprise your mom with beautiful red and white balloons DIY decorations. Make your room a sight to be cherished. Express your love in the best way you can! 

    You can have this decoration with these following items-

      Red latex balloons 
    White Latex Balloons


    These are the best DIY decoration Ideas to go for mother’s day. You can also gift balloon bunches and many more decoration items to your mom to make the day extra special for her. We aim to make your decorations easy-to-do which is why these ideas will surely help you with your celebration! 

    You can check out more at Frillx.

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